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Gift box set with double-walled tea cups, Hojicha and Lavender Dream.

Among our best-selling assortments, this set boasts a distinctive combination of flavours. It comprises of a unique roasted green tea and an exquisite white tea. The teas offer a delightful contrast in tasting notes, each providing a moment for pause and tranquillity. To fully savour this experience, the duo is complemented by two elegant double-walled tea cups, adding an element of elegance to your brewing ritual.

Best enjoyed as a hot as well as cold brew.
For the cold brew method, refer to the product page of the tea.

Includes: Lavender Dream 37.50g
Silver needle white tea blended with dried Himalayan lavender buds.
Hojicha 50g
Roasted green tea with a smoky aroma and a subtle caramel undertone.
Two double walled tea cups 125 ml
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