Welcome to the world of tea

For us, tea isn’t just a drink; It is an immersive experience. A journey of the senses, a communion of the soul. Our experiences are carefully curated in honor of the emotions stirred by a simple cup of tea. Every cup is an engagement of the soul with this amber elixir, transcending time and life's ceaseless urgency.

From meditative moments and tasteful encounters to artistic collaborations and spirited creations, each encounter has been tenderly designed to enrich your tea drinking experience. We invite you to discover the profound essence of ‘tea time’, where your soul finds solace and inspiration.

Guided Tea Meditation by Michelle Faye Pereira

A tea meditation is an enjoyable practice that can help you return to center, connect with yourself and catch a breath. It is a simple ritual where you create space amidst life.

Clay & Tea workshop

Ceramic artist: Rekha Goyal
Tea expert: Isha Mehta

A slow-paced workshop to aide you in creating your own tea cup using clay. Participants were encouraged to step into their creative process while embracing a state of flow.