Frequently Asked Questions

We source our teas from the finest tea growers in India.
We do not use any artificial flavoring in our teas. We believe in savoring each cup in its purest form. Some of our teas are blended with natural dried ingredients that are locally sourced.
The teas are blended with utmost care and finesses at our Bombay studio with the help of an experienced tea taster and blender. After blending they undergo a stringent quality check.
The shelf life of tea is two years when stored in an airtight container away from direct sunlight. We recommend that you consume our teas within one year of purchase to get the best results.
Tea is best stored in a cool, dark place, in an airtight container. The hygroscopic nature of tea allows it to easily absorb moisture and all scents around it. So always keep it away from spices and perfumes.
All teas can be brewed cold as well. We recommend a slow cold brew process overnight, allowing the notes of the tea to slowly steep in to the bottle. Experiment with the quantity of tea leaves used and the time for steeping to find your perfect balance. Another suggestion is to use room temperature water and place the brew to steep overnight in the fridge as opposed to using cold water or ice directly with the tea leaves. We enjoy our cold brews without sugar, should you feel the need to sweeten it, always go with a little bit of honey.
Please contact our customer service at or call us on +91-9987929000.
If you’d like to change the selection of products after placing the order, please write to us on within an hour of placing your order. We will do our best to accommodate your request. Once the orders are processed and packed for shipping, we cannot make any changes.
Yes. Please check on the gift option at checkout and add your message for the note.
Yes. We do not keep hold of any of your banking details.
Once the order is packed and ready to be shipped, you will receive a text message updating you of the same.
Due to our Food Safety Quality Control program and insurance regulations, we are unable to accept returns of any food products. Tea and other consumable botanicals are considered food products; therefore we are not able to accept any returns on tea due to possible food contamination. PLEASE NOTE: shipping is non-refundable on any orders. Please kindly review and confirm your order before completing payment. If you are not satisfied for any other reason, please contact our office directly at or +91-9987929000
All our tins are the same size. However, the size of the leaf varies which results in different quantities for different products. Each tin is filled to the brim, so you need not worry about receiving a half-full tin. Some blends such as the Kiss of Rose (30g) consist of a larger whole leaf as compared to the Citrus & Spice (50g) which consists of a medium-sized leaf.
If the order quantity is above 200 pcs, we can discuss customization options with you.
Yes, we do. Please contact us on +919987929000 to discuss your gifting requirements. You may write to us at

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